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Baby with Toys

The Partner You Need By Your Side, When Caring for Your Child.


Reliable. Intuitive. All-Around medicine, symptoms & progress management platform developed especially for parents and caregivers. 

Caring for a sick child, and managing ongoing children's medicine and health treatment plans is vastly different than managing your own medicine or treatment plan as an adult. 

There is a unique set of challenges to tackle and a significantly elevated risk of medication errors. 

OnCure solves all these challenges with an easy-to-use, yet innovative digital platform that helps you help your child get well, safely.

All you need is to add some TLC, the rest is on us!


Tailor Made

The EXACT tools you need to care for your child, rather than "one-size-fits-all", with capabilities you will not find anywhere else

One-Stop Shop

360º coverage of children's health management at home

Protects Your Family

By using OnCure, you significantly reduce the risk of medication errors, and gain important insights that help you and the health provider shape better treatment plans 

Safe & Reliable

Safety was and continues to be top of mind throughout development and day-to-day monitoring

Pediatrician Approved

Carefully vetted and approved by our medical consultant

Easy to Use

You're on top of everything with a few taps. We made sure OnCure is super simple to use, for everyone. 

Parents and caregivers (and even pet parents!) are LOVING  OnCure.

They share their experiences and how the app helps them in managing their children's at-home health needs safely and easily.

No one gets what you need as a parent quite like a fellow parent, right? 

Check out some of our users' reviews here.

OnCure provides an all-around solution and superb management tools; but we are making it even better! 

We have some amazing updates in the works, ones that will enhance even further adherence and safety, and add many more exciting capabilities. 

If you'd like to know in advance about our upcoming upgrades, subscribe here.

We know you're busy! You'll only hear from us when we have something important to share.   

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