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We love getting our users' feedback and learning of different ways OnCure is helping them! 

Check out some of their stories, as submitted to the App Store:

"As a mom of 5 it’s tricky to keep track everyone’s meds/dose/times needed. This app is a lifesaver for tracking all the little details as well as symptoms. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with multiple kiddos!"

"My 8 year old just had surgery and was on Tylenol/Advil alternating. This app not only figured out the schedule and adjusted if he got a dose late due to a nap, but it was simple to use and keep track of everything. Recommending it to all my friends!"

"I have 3 sick kids right now, all different ages and weights. We are in the midst of stressful thanksgiving cross country travel trying to get home while all being ill. I was having the HARDEST time keeping track of what time I have each kid their last dose of medicine. This app has helped our family SO MUCH. Thank you for making something to help simplify a stressful time for our family. I like the app's layout and being able to track my children’s medicines and when they took them. It’s very functional and easy to use".

"I love this app. I have two kids who are sick and as a single mom it’s not easy remembering everything. This app is good for documenting".

"My entire family (6 people) have Covid-19 at the same time, and this has been a lifesaver for a sick mom trying to keep up with everyone’s medicine schedules."

"I’ve tried a lot of medicine apps. This one is the first that takes the guess work out of what, how much and when! I ran into a few issues which were quickly met with a very fast response via email. I’ve recommended this app to several moms and will continue to".

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