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We carefully tackled the risks and challenges unique to children's medicine, building a digital platform that accompanies you on your day-to-day journeys of your child's health.

That addresses your needs and combines all the small details into one safe, simple and efficient tool. 

So that you don't need to remember, take notes, calculate, count or update others.

So that you know you are doing the best thing for your child. 

As-Needed OTC Fever Reducers

Our unique schedule builder generates a medication schedule and updates it automatically, all the way through your child's episode and until they are  doing well. 

All done with a few taps. No reminder setting, no updating, no calculating. 

Want to delay a dose?

Switch to another medicine? 

Maybe alternate between them?

It's all taken care of for you. 

No need to update, set reminders or calculate times. 

No wonder our users call it a "Life Saver".

Medicine Change Screenshot.PNG

Caregivers Management

The perfect solution to co-management challenges and caregivers miscommunication. 

Parents. Partners. Relatives. Babysitters. Everyone is connected seamlessly, updated and ready to take over at the tap of a button. 

As a parent/guardian, you have powerful admin capabilities of managing the team: add, remove, and decide who can do what.

If you need to be off for a while, you can choose the "Not Active" mode as needed. 


Pro tip: If your teenager child is in charge of taking their medication, use this tool to help you monitor their adherence. 

Image for 4th screenshot.PNG

Progress Journal

Addressing the unique aspects of monitoring a child's reaction to medicine, OnCure's Journal includes daily entries with tracking sliders, designed to capture important data for followups and future evaluations. 

The Journal lets you keep close track on changes and developments in sleep and appetite patterns, energy, mood and general state. 


Short and Long-Term Prescriptions

For the occasional temporary treatments, and for ongoing conditions, advanced medicine reminders provide the tools you need for easy and efficient  management, designed for children's medicine.

Because medicine can be more time-sensitive for children (and because we know you are busy), multiple reminders for each dose help you keep a safe schedule. 

And your choices for giving, snoozing, delaying or skipping doses are aligned with safety recommendations for children's medicine administration. 


Symptom Tracker

Detailed, children's symptoms oriented fever & symptoms tracker provides an efficient information tracking tool. 

Built to guide you into including the data most important to your child's pediatrician. 

OnCure's Symptom Tracker utilizes the color system and guided questions to help you track information quickly and include those details that will be most helpful for your healthcare provider. 

Symptom Tracker Image 3.PNG

*IMPORTANT: OnCure is here to help you manage your child's medicine and track symptoms and progress, in accordance with the instructions given to you by your child's healthcare provider.  IT IS NOT INTENDED TO, AND DOES NOT, PROVIDE ANY MEDICAL ADVICE. Always make sure you are following your pediatrician's instructions and reading carefully all of the information and instructions provided with the medicine by manufacturers or your pharmacy. Please read our Terms and Conditions for complete information.

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