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Our Features

Best suited for parents, our Symptom Tracker lets you track fever and symptoms from an extensive list created by our pediatrician, and add others freely; Easily track severity levels with our color system; use our notes suggestions to add helpful info for your pediatrician; and edit all tracked information any time. With our Symptom Tracker, you gain valuable insight to your child's health, and help shape the best treatment plan for them. 


An advanced medicine reminder for short-term prescriptions, built and designed for kids' medicine with the guidance of a board certified pediatrician. 


Unique and one-of its kind, a schedule builder creates a medication schedule for your child, and updates it for you automatically, without having to set, or reset, a single reminder! 

And what if you want to delay a dose, or switch between medicine? One tap and it's done. Because we know what parents need when their child is sick.


Add your tribe (partner, grandparents, etc.) as caregivers and have them seamlessly up-to-date and ready to take charge. No gaps, no mistakes.

OnCure PRO

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*IMPORTANT: OnCure™ is here to help you give your child over the counter medicine safely and with ease. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO, AND DOES NOT, PROVIDE ANY MEDICAL ADVICE. Always make sure you are following your pediatrician's instructions and reading carefully all of the information and instructions provided with the medicine by manufacturers or your pharmacy. Please read our Terms and Conditions for complete information.