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Hi! I'm Hadas Kanner-Golan, co-founder and CEO of the company behind OnCure.

When my daughter Emily had strep throat and was running a high fever, I was struggling to keep track of safe time gaps between doses of her fever reducers.


Hadas & Emily

I was certain I would find an app helping with children's medicine tracking, but to my surprise, I couldn't find a single one.


There was a wide selection of medicine reminders that worked great for adults in charge of their own medication, but failed to address my needs as a parent. 

I decided to research the subject of medication errors at home, and learned about the scope of the problem and the unique challenges at its core.

That was when OnCure was born. I partnered with a board certified pediatrician and a dedicated team of developers to create a safe, simple solution for parents and caregivers.

I am thankful every day for the opportunity to help parents care for their children. 

There are many additional plans in the works for OnCure, to add even more exciting and innovative features. Subscribe here to get an update when we release new features. 

Here's to Happy Families! 


Hadas Kanner-Golan

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